Get a terabyte data with a Samsung Smart TV -

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imageGet a terabyte data with a Samsung Smart TV -

Vox Telecom will give buyers of new Samsung Smart TVs almost a terabyte of free data

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  • ** Dependent on the size of your incoming pipe from Telkom, of course.

    It's a nice idea, and I applaud Vox for getting in on this, but if I was streaming via my 4Mb+ line I would like to see HD content. Your 1000 movies I have to assume are based on highly compressed 720p or less streams - not the best showcase for my new Smart TV. Still, the concept is a good one, and will probably sell more than a few TVs (while netting Vox some new customers, I am sure).
  • I think we're going to see a lot more of this too. Some games companies have mooted the idea of offering bandwidth with MMO subs in SA, for example. Basically, people are queueing up to offer us data intensive services and are starting to realise they can't wait for the networks to get their act together around cost.
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