Killing Floor 2 review: A poor man's Left 4 Dead -

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imageKilling Floor 2 review: A poor man's Left 4 Dead -

If you have three friends and a need to kill zombies, can Killing Floor 2 satisfy you?

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  • 5 hours to hit level 5? Perhaps you should work onbeing competent at basic controls for shooters before you try reviewing a shooter game. 2 games on normal, one solo 7 wave and one online 10 wave, and i hit level 5 in just under an hour and a half. Best of luck gaming but dont post toxic reviews when you cant play the game. Cheers
  • I really don't like games with a single weapon pointer in the corner of the screen. I can't describe how creepy I felt about it. I think this is the worst thing in every good games with a weapon in a corner.
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