Is it ethical and fair to play Pokemon Go in South Africa before the official launch?


  • The mistake is even believing "geographies" exist online and trying to limit deployment within them. Content distributors have been trying to do it for a while now with pretty limited success...
  • So we are a community in the West of Johannesburg trying to protect our family and friends due to the high crime in the area in the past. Everything worked out very good until now. A Pokemon has been registered in our street. What this has caused is that we once again have major traffic in the street, not knowing who is who, and who is there to cause harm or commit crime. All of a sudden we have a new worry above the others of trying to control the area and crime. we are now once again not in control of who is who and who does what. People cutting fences to get to the idol and more. Even the Pokemon people and players are in danger now.
  • Its 2016, does anyone really care about ethical???
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