Wits to start 6-month trial of 40 Google Chromebooks - htxt.africa

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imageWits to start 6-month trial of 40 Google Chromebooks - htxt.africa

Cheap notebooks coupled with Google services means SA education is about to get a high-tech shot in the arm.

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  • Google has been very successful at getting Chromebooks into K-12 schools, so it makes sense for them to set their sites on universities. Chromebooks are easy for students to use and for the IT staff to manage. The price is reasonable, so if they're lost, stolen or damaged, they're easier to replace.

    One issue is that many institutions may still be running Windows applications (like IBM@ SPSS statistics software, or Microsoft Office). A way around these issues is with a solution like Ericom AccessNow, an HTML5 RDP solution that enables Chromebook users to connect to any RDP host, including Terminal Server and VDI virtual desktops, and run Windows applications or desktops in a browser tab. That means that you can open up an Internet Explorer session inside a Chrome browser tab, and then connect to the applications that require Java and run them on the Chromebook.

    For an online demo open your Chrome browser and visit:

    Please note that I work for Ericom.
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