Tesla to open South African office


  • Tesla opening SA office but not in partnership with GreenCape

    It has been incorrectly reported by some online news sites that GreenCape will be partnering with Tesla to set up a Tesla office in South Africa. Tesla is establishing a small South African base headed up by GreenCape’s former CEO Evan Rice (for queries contact the Tesla US head office) but not in partnership with GreenCape.

    GreenCape provides all our members with free and impartial market information and insight, access to networks of key players and with an advocacy platform to remove barriers to business opportunities. It is likely that GreenCape will provide Tesla with some of this support, as part of our mandate to grow the green economy in the Western Cape, but not under a partnership arrangement.

    For queries about Tesla’s plans contact Press@teslamotors.com
    For queries about GreenCape’s work in the Western Cape, visit greencape.co.za/contact-us/
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