ShowMax’s kykNET offering expands to three continents -

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imageShowMax’s kykNET offering expands to three continents -

This latest move makes ShowMax's Afrikaans content available beyond Africa's borders.

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  • GtStevensonGtStevenson Centurion, South Africa
    That's good, I know a few friends outside of SA that would really enjoy getting some Afrikaans entertainment
  • @{GtStevenson} Our contacts within Showmax reckon the Afrikaans shows are disproportionately popular here too. There's a school of thought that thinks big aggregators like Netflix may not be the future - smaller, cheaper niche streaming services (like WWE in the US) make more sense (and more money for the "channels") in the long run.

    Not that that's necessarily my view, but it does make a certain sense.
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