Android on the cheap: MTN's R500 Steppa smartphone reviewed -

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imageAndroid on the cheap: MTN's R500 Steppa smartphone reviewed -

We know it's cheap, but is it any good?

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  • I managed to get one of these last week and I was first rtrying to find a KitKat rom for it since Android 4.4 apparently can run on 512 MB of RAM.
    I then found the same way of accessing the Normal launcher, I tried GO Launcher first but I found that too resource heavy for this phone. The stock launcher works a charm though.
    One question, have you seen this advertised with 1GB of internal storage? I can only 512MB when I go into the settings (free + used), how do I tell if the otal is actually 1GB?
  • Hi Khatani - Dave is en route to Mobile World Congress in Barcelona at the moment, but I'll get him to answer the question about storage when he gets back.

    Are you sure the 512MB you're looking at is storage rather than RAM?

    As for 4.4 - watch this space. We have someone working on that :)
  • Is it possible to buy the battery separately battery does not take as much as 1 hr.
  • From someone who is technically challenged, does this phone have a non touch screen and is it lcd or led?
  • Hi @{skholz77} No problem - it is a touch screen phone. LCD and LED area actually different things - the LCD refers to the pixels on the screen itself, and the LED refers to the light that shines through the LCD panel. As far as I know this is both. OLED screens are slightly different in that the pixels of the screen emit light, so don't need a separate light, but I don't think this has that technology.
  • how and where can I find a battery fir this phone?,, I bought it in 2014 its an excellent android but now the problem is the battery,, as am write I am no longer using it. Please help
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