HP is working on a R2 100 Windows laptop - htxt.africa

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imageHP is working on a R2 100 Windows laptop - htxt.africa

The HP Stream 14 could be the low cost notebook to drive Windows 8.1 adoption by the masses.

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  • Is there any indication of when this will be launched in SA?
  • Hi Khatani

    To tell you the truth it's not even a real product in the US yet, that article is written off the back of a repair manual for the laptop that was unearthed by some friends of ours in Taiwan.

    We fully suspect the notebook to become available before the end of the year in the US and suspect that it will come to South Africa shortly afterwards as HP has always brought most of its products here.

    As for the the price I wouldn't expect it to remain closer to R2 000 and suspect that duties and taxes combines with the exchange rate might push it closer to R3 000 or even over that mark.
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