Anti-drone weapon developed to blow UAVs from the air


  • Well done, those people!
    Personally, I still prefer a stone lobbed at the things.
    It has all the wonderful human elements - the ageless skill of the throw, the glorious flight of the projectile, the wonderful sound of hard rock smashing against hideous plastic, and the invigorating scream of the drone operator as they watch their precious toy plummet to the ground in flames!
    Some prefer a shotgun, the humble .22, or an RPG-7 to devastate these ridiculous machines, but the stone has all those personal, down-to-earth qualities.
    Best of all, it’s free, non-polluting, and environmentally sustainable!
    Now, I have nothing against responsible drone users (although I have fun at their expense), but just wait till Amazon (and the rest) is sending its loud, annoying machines screeching over our homes and beautiful areas delivering pizza and cola.
    It has already carved up our skies into layers to suit its delivery drone business.
    Were you asked? No.
    Do they care? No.
    Because money.
    A rock is the answer, thrown with accuracy and righteousness!
    Please visit my facebook page, Throw Stones at Drones.
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