How Xbox One’s new dashboard update ruined my weekend -

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imageHow Xbox One’s new dashboard update ruined my weekend -

The new Xbox dashboard is a huge frustration with a dash of heartache and gamers' tears.

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  • OK I'm just going to go out and say it. The previews program as a whole, isn't just for you to get a sneak peek at the latest updates and tweaks Microsoft is performing on the console. Even before registering as a previews member or an NXE previews member you have to remember none of this is perfect. And the reason BEHIND the previews program is so that real people like us the gamers, can test it out before it's released to the public. Help iron out all the bugs and make it much more stable for official release. You can always revert BACK to the old dashboard through the previews dashboard. Nobody is keeping you there.

    Don't enter the previews program simply so you can get backwards compatibility ahead of schedule or this new UI. I've had the same problems you have but I came on board expecting them. I want to make the console a better place for me and my friends so that when it does launch in November, they won't have to deal with the same glitches.
  • Yes you can go back to the old dashboard if u wanted to after downloading the new one
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