“If you can't afford etolls, you can move” - Sanral - htxt.africa

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image“If you can't afford etolls, you can move” - Sanral - htxt.africa

Sanral CEO Nasir Ali says that you can simply move if you don't want to pay for etolls.

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    If Nasir Ali and the rest of the idiots in government and sanral can't govern correctly, then we will get rid of you..don't tell us to move when we didn't want e-tolls in the first place. All this talk to justify a corrupt and criminal system that is just benefitting your pockets and not our roads! Go to HELL man!
  • Aaah Mr Ali... Remember that woman that once said "If they have no bread, why don't they eat cake?" Aaah mind you, you might not read it was Queen Marie Antoinette. Any way you sound just like her. Except she invented the statement which is why it famous. You say it and it sounds like a over paid over bonused idiot who has never experienced life on a normal wage. Up yours! It costs as much money to move. Reduce costs and increase income and we'll move!
  • Dear mister Ali, the truth is I can afford your R225.00 cap on the GFIP freeways. The question you should be asking is why do most people of Gauteng refuse to pay?
    Why do I refuse to pay?
    Same thing in the Cape. It is not about affordability so much as it is about a bunch of egotistical megalomaniacs ruining this country.
    I suggest you move. To Siberia or Antarctica.
  • well Htxt.africa....... through your highly provocative headline, here's the exact response from any rational thinking person in SA who is sick to death of criminals still running the country ( and their scumral affiliates):
    Ali-doos, pissoff and die!! you disgraceful camel-copulating sand jockey scum.........
  • Mr Ali is a typically arrogant government official who got used to a high lifestyle that he enjoys from taxpayers money. Shame on you, Mr Ali. The citizens of South Africa will never forgive you for e-tolling and your insensitive insulting comments.
  • I assume that Nazir Alli has shares in Pickfords or similar that he wants everyone to move closer to work. Actually his company would probably be the truck where the side falls off and all your belongings end up in the road.
    As you say Alistair, a real "let them eat cake statement". The problem is here that a piffling amount of R225.00 doesn't register with these people after all that wouldn't even buy you half a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue.
    At the e-toll panel review meeting at Gallagher Estate our esteemed minister for education Panyasa Lesufi (?) made the comment that "how come people will park their car at OR Tambo for a week and pay R1,800.00 but they complain about R450.00 a month for e-tolls. You see these people don't live in the real world. Meanwhile the R1,800.00 comes out of the tax money that we pay every month.
  • I would like you to come and knock on my door and say this to my face you arrogant piece of shit so I can have the pleasure of kicking your ignorant ass down the street and into the gutter. I'll move you, closer to your maker, that's where.
  • How pathetic. The alternative routes are jammed with traffic lights that don't work, potholes etc and the cost of transfer duties for a home mover are ridiculous. Plus, I like my neighbourhood. The e-toll scheme is onerous and unworkable, not to mention the fact that they were introduced unlawfully, so quite frankly, I will stay where I am and will use the Gauteng Freeways free of charge. I will never pay e-tolls thank you very much.
  • Move? Public transport? What is this twit smoking? There is no public transport and taxis are unregulated death traps. Down with the ANC, then we can get Ali a nice cell for his part in this fiasco.
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