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imageHave your say on Eskom's price hike - htxt.africa

Nersa will hold public hearings on Eskom’s selective reopener application.

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  • Eskom just does whatever they want anyway. I've been paying more for my pre-paid electricity for the past 2 months now!
  • @{Wayne Warren} Hi Wayne - that's concerning to hear. I'd be interested to find out how much more & for how long and where you're based? Want to DM me or mail adam at htxt co za?
  • Surely this is the time to flatten the demand curve? It's unbelievable that the big municipalities don't have time of use charging. Increase peak rates by the 25%, but offset against off-peak rates that stay the same.

    Until it's cheaper for the consumer to heat water to 65 degrees at 6am than it is to heat it to 55 degrees at 8am, users will continue with convenience.

    Imagine all our pool pumps running at 2am rather than 8am. Financial incentive. Simple, yet effective.
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