New drone regulations welcomed, but some doubts persist -

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imageNew drone regulations welcomed, but some doubts persist -

Some parts of the drone regulations are very unclear, according to a industry professional.

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  • Some confusion in this article, so here are the facts:
    - There are in fact classes, based on weight and max speed of the RPA.
    - Hobby drone pilots do not need a licence.
    - Flying within 50m of people, buildings, roads IS in fact possible for commercial operators, and is described in your Operations Manual.
    - Flying over crowds at festivals and live events is totally different from the film industry where its a controlled environment closed to the public. Trying to blend those to extremes together does not work at all.
    - Training schools are in fact getting ready to comply with the regulations, and some should become registered ATOs very soon.
  • Here is a website and articles written to help all understand the new regs and process to comply. .
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