You can now buy weekly data bundles from MTN -

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imageYou can now buy weekly data bundles from MTN -

The fortnightly data bundle is R79 for 1GB of data, with weekly options that start from R7 for 50MB.

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  • On Monday the 4th of May at 7:12 I loaded a 1gb data bundle.
    One would expect a weekly bundle to last a week, but not with MTN a weekly bundle will last less than 6 days.
    Sunday morning (the 7th day of the "week") my remaining data was gone.
    Sunday i called the call centre and I spoke to a supervisor by the name Saith Mahlatji and she explained that a week is not really 7 days??? She said it depends on how you count the days?
    She also said that I am not the first to complain about this issue, but that this complaint has already been escalated and that it is MTN policy that a weekly bundle will expire 24:00 on the 6th day.
    She confirmed that my bundle expired at 3:40 sunday morning, and also that when my bundle expired I still had 348MB left of the 1GB.
    My problem is that no matter how one counts the days, it is suppose to be a weekly 1GB and according to me a week is always 7 days and mine lasted less than 6 days!!
    It is my submission that MTN is misleading their clients with false advertising in contradiction with their own policies.
    To make things worse, this morning Monday the 11th of May, on the seventh day of the weekly bundle at 9:14 i received an sms letting me know that my weekly bundle has just expired!!!
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