Cell C drops prepay voice calls to 66c a minute - htxt.africa

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imageCell C drops prepay voice calls to 66c a minute - htxt.africa

Mobile operator updates business results, adds two new tariffs.

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  • Who would pay R349 for a gig of data. I have 2 phones or you could use a twin sim phone.As i hardly use voice calls the one sim is just for voice on prepaid about R20 a month, the other sim is from axxess R49 for 1gig of data, no catches,no frills, roll over 3 mnths. My cost per month R69. My family of 3 used to be R900 a month now only a staggering R200 a month, 1 uses less voice calls. The reception on data is phenomenal. We used to continually fight for the best mobile operator service, now its a thing of the past, because its a monopoly. AXXESS rocks.
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