Gold mine to fork out R3 billion for solar farm -

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imageGold mine to fork out R3 billion for solar farm -

The 150MW of electricity will be enough to power 10% of the mine.

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  • GtStevensonGtStevenson Centurion, South Africa
    If all the mines in SA went off grid I wonder if we'd still require load shedding. Guess so. Eskom would probably just sell more to neighbouring countries.
  • @GtStevenson I've written a couple of times that I think the biggest problem on the horizon is that Eskom is going to run out of paying customers. Over the next couple of years, if you're a business or household that can afford to go off grid - at least partially - you will. Especially as the price of electricity goes up.

    The big question to my mind is what happens to the poorest in the county - who either have no electricity or are subsidised - once Eskom's income from customers who can afford to pay hits a downward spiral (less demand will lead to increasing prices to sustain infrastructure)? I wonder if rather than extending the grid to rural areas - as was announced in SONA - we should simply be making them self sufficient with small scale windfarms etc. I want to find time to run some numbers and research that a bit soon...
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